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If your stag night checklist includes the words ‘Dry clean the nun’s costume,’ this post probably isn’t for you. However, read on for three easy-to-achieve bachelor night looks – helping you celebrate his last days of freedom in style. But first…

PREMIUM by JACK & JONES | 27.03.2017

…the considerations

However your itinerary might look, remember: you’re in it for the long haul. Food, liquor, a list of locations and maybe some competitive activities – comfort should definitely be high on your list of priorities. Your feet will thank you if you choose sneakers over brogues. And keep your pieces light and breathable, remembering to confirm the dress code.

Look #1: The activity-filled all-dayer

This versatile look is perfect if you’re doing an afternoon of activities, and won’t have the opportunity to change for the evening.  Its strength is hinged on the polo shirt. That famous collar is inherently relaxed, but this polo’s sleek silhouette and clean tonal styling give it a smart feel. When paired with sneakers and tailored trousers, you get an outfit that will look equally great at the go-kart track and the bar.

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Look #2: The meal and nightclub

Only doing an evening out and want to look smart without being overdressed? Try this ensemble. A cotton point collar shirt and tailored trousers is a tried and tested pairing for sure. But working in the suede bomber adds some off-duty edge. A cotton bomber, more closely resembling the original MA-1 version, would have taken this look somewhere else. But the clean refinement and lack of shoulder pocket on this high grade lamb’s leather piece is just right.

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Look #3: The upmarket affair

So the budget is as ample as your anticipated alcohol levels? Do your altogether classier night the justice it deserves – suit-up! If you think it might be overkill, fear not. Turning down your suit-look is as simple as swapping the shirt and tie for a clean polo; and your shoes for some leather sneakers. Here, we pushed things a little further, opting for an edgy flecked fabric over a solid toned suit. Effortless.

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But there’s more

The ‘Go All In’ campaign is your summer party cheat sheet. Look out for more guides and party looks in the coming weeks.

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