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The Ultimate Guide To Denim Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner. Soon you will find yourself running in circles to come up with wishes. Start here to make this the year that you have a list prepared in time.

Jeans Intelligence | 28.11.2014

What do men really want for Christmas? A sports car, a Swiss wristwatch, or maybe a luxury getaway to sunny beaches in the Bahamas? If you are like most guys, Santa and his little helpers probably don’t have the budget to grant such wishes. In that case, we recommend you play it safe and simply go with “all I want for Christmas is denim.”

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to denim gifts with something for everyone.

The ultimate Christmas wish list with denim

The Guy Who Only Wears Denim

Some guys are pretty serious about their denim. Their wardrobes and outfits are dominated by blue and you will probably have a hard time catching them not wearing any denim. These guys are sometimes referred to as denimheads. This is what a denimhead’s wish list could look like.

Take a closer look at our selection for the ultimate denimhead Christmas wish list the ultimate guide to denim gifts.

The ultimate Christmas wish list with denim

The Guy Who Wants Something He Can Wear With Jeans

Whether you consider yourself a denimhead or not, nobody wears denim only. No matter if you prefer stiff unwashed denim, the heavily washed kind or anything in between, you need gear that mixes well with your jeans.

Click here to find your favourite items to wear with your jeans.

Great denim gifts from JACK & JONES for under 50 euros

Awesome Gifts for Less Than €50

Christmas is a time to be jolly, but it’s also a time that makes you want to forget about bank statements or credit card limits. Don’t worry; we have plenty of great denim gifts even if you’re on a tight budget. You will be surprised how many awesome gifts you can get for less than €50.

See the entire ultimate guide to denim gifts here.

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