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Trashed and smashed. Ripped jeans are more popular than ever!

Destroyed and worn jeans always look cool. It’s all about breaks and repairs.
They are a clear reference to jeanswear of the past, yet in highly contemporary fits.

Jeans Intelligence | 17.09.2015
“These jeans look like something that has been to hell and back but came out on top.”

- Daniel from Spain //

The picture says it all!
Cool and relaxed in ripped jeans, and what better way to enhance your masculinity even more with a raw leather jacket?

"Ripping it up is what I do!"

It’s alright that it looks random.
It’s alright that you tear them halfway apart and it’s definitely alright that you wear them with attitude.

With these jeans we send you back to the heavy rock era of the 80s and make you kick some ass.
It’s even allowed on a regular Wednesday afternoon.


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