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Here’s Why You Should Try Unwashed Denim Jeans

JACK & JONES is a true jeans brand. Our R.D.D. sub-brand is an exclusive range where we demonstrate our skills and knowledge of denim heritage and innovation.

Jeans Intelligence | 15.10.2014

The many JACK & JONES jeans styles are divided into different sub-brands to offer a wide selection to our customers. R.D.D. (short for Royal Denim Division) is a sub-brand of JACK & JONES, designed with a slightly older and more rugged guy in mind. The goal of R.D.D. is to find a balance between authentic and modern style by combining traditions with innovation. All R.D.D. jeans are produced in Italy in cooperation with acclaimed manufacturer Blue Line and the best Italian laundries.

Slim Fit Tim Royal R064 Slim Fit Tim Royal R064
JACK & JONES Slim Fit Tim Royal R064 back pocket

Fitting and Details of the Tim Royal Jean

The Tim Royal jean has a low rise that rests pleasantly just below the waist. The combination of a slim, figure-hugging fit and the 13 oz Italian raw selvedge denim puts the jeans close to your skin at first. After a few weeks of wear they will have moulded to fit your body. How the end result turns out is up to how you wear them. You will soon discover why they call indigo ‘the living colour.’

You’ll find details such as visible selvedge on coin and back pockets, a mix of blackened metal and worn iron trim, and a brown leather patch. We also chose authentic punch-through rivets and old school bar tacks for these jeans. In addition to the superior characteristics of the way that selvedge denim fades and wears in, the selvedge ID and the chain stitched hems add to the aesthetics of the jeans when you cuff them.

Worn in JACK & JONES selvedge jeans
New JACK & JONES selvedge jeans

How To Get the Best Fading Results

All indigo dyed jeans lose colour with wash and wear. But no jeans change as radically as unwashed denim jeans. The denim offers the patient and active wearer a chance to achieve a unique and personal look that his friends will envy and compliment.

To get the best result we recommend that you wear your R.D.D. raw selvedge jeans as much and as hard as possible. If they get dirty, you can spot clean them with a fuzz-free cloth. If they start to smell, try to air them out on a windy day. If the jeans still feel dirty after wiping and airing, it might be time for a wash.

Always wash your raw denim jeans inside out on a low temperature and low spin cycle. You should be aware that washing your unwashed denim jeans early in the break-in process will change the end result as the indigo bleeds all over the garment, causing an even, dark indigo colour. But don’t worry, they will still fade beautifully.

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