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The most in-demand colour of them all… black of course!

Not everything needs a colour splash – go with black to stay cool and keep it minimal.
Wear it BLACK!

Jeans Intelligence | 16.09.2015

This unmistakable denim style is synonymous with rock ‘n’ roll.
Now more black than ever.

Black denim cut in slimmer fits screamsrock ‘n’ roll attitude, but the versatile fabric has also come to symbolise Scandinavian minimalism.


Not every trend lasts forever.
But black denim remains.

Rock ‘n’ roll hasn’t gone out of style either…

You can always go back to black. It’s as simple as it looks.
And you can still stand out from the crowd with some great black details.

How about mixing a classic leather jacket with a denim jacket to create an on-trend combination of two iconic fashion trends.

”I love black denim, everyone needs black denim. They match everything, as long as it is black.” - Michael from Canada knows how to pull it off.

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