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Styling: Casual Office Shoe

Our JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR head stylist explains why these guys have great office shoe style.

JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR | 03.02.2016

Meet three guys from the JACK & JONES head office with great footwear style. Check out how they style their JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR shoes for the office.  Our JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR head stylist, Louise Kronborg, explains why these guys have great office shoe style.


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“Workwear doesn’t necessarily mean shirt and pants. For Jurgis, who works as an Interactive Graphic Designer, a pair of casual canvas sneakers is the perfect everyday shoe for both work and leisure. It’s matched with a denim shirt that is dressed a bit down by the laidback hoodie, resulting in an urban and cool look.”


“Kevin, our E-commerce Store Assistant, shows us how to style office shoes for the stylish guy. These sneakers are the perfect formalwear sneaker, in other words the perfect office shoe. Kevin’s crisp white shirt is dressed down by the layering look.”


“Philip, who’s a Visual Merchandiser, sports a true JACK & JONES look. Denim on denim - on denim. Denim is not just reserved for jeans and shirts. These casual denim sneakers match the denim on denim-trend perfectly.”


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