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We’ve taken our season highlight, the jersey blazer, and styled it for three looks; taking it from this month’s cold climate to summer and beyond.


Like it or not, January’s the month of transitions. It ushers in the New Year and with it, a load of social media posts and advertising, all hinged on the annual tradition of making resolutions.

Most of us aren’t particular fond of change, but if there’s a time when we’re most open to it, it’s now. No coincidence then that it’s in January that we often consider refreshing our look – the same month when our bank balances are typically at their lowest.

So how do you change your wardrobe and keep from going in the red?

By simply building your look around good authentic staples and a handful of versatile key pieces – quality standout garments that can be styled in various ways.

To show you what we mean, we’ve taken our season highlight, the jersey blazer, and styled it for three looks; taking it from this month’s cold climate to summer and beyond.


Cold weather: The Layered Look

This is jeanswear 101. Firstly it’s built on classic layering; a look that is key to any authentic jeanswear wardrobe. In addition it references the history of the jeanswear blazer as early twentieth century work attire for pretty much all blue-collar industries.


Pairing it with a shirt and this field jacket emphasizes its smart details. Folding back the lapels frames the shirt and brings to mind the look of a classic tailored blazer. While the patched combat trousers and boots keep the look relaxed.

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In-between months: The Rugged Look

As a main outerwear layer, the structure and patch pockets on our jersey blazer allow it to sit comfortably between rugged workwear and smarter jeanswear. It’s exactly that versatility that makes it an ideal January purchase.


Combine it with other rough staples and those rugged details take centre stage. Keep the blazer in focus, and the look classic, by wearing it over dark blue jeans.

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Warmer climate: The Relaxed Look

With the right pieces this jersey blazer can be styled to work as a relaxed cardigan; fine for those cooler evenings at the beach or an outdoor event.


Pairing it with solid casuals, like some well-worn jeans and sneakers, will keep its smart looks tamed. Letting a print or graphic tee take some of the focus will also help to keep your look relaxed.

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And there it is: one authentic piece, loads of styling options.

Want to see more? Explore the entire collection from JACK & JONES VINTAGE CLOTHING.


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