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Rethinking the Faded Denim Look With Ice Blast

We’ve come up with a new and quite futuristic way to make the naturally worn in look for our jeans.

Jeans Intelligence | 18.02.2016

They say denim is like a canvas. The magic only really happens when the colour is faded and the jeans are properly worn in. It’s a thing of beauty, really. Over time, a completely individual look develops. In fact, the wear pattern of denim is so unique that law enforcers have been known to rely on it to solve crimes.

To get the best fading results, you have to start with a pair of unwashed dry denim jeans; wearing them in takes time and patience. If you want to skip the months of wearing and tearing and get right to the nicely faded end result, we have done all the hard work for you with our new and innovative treatment technique, Ice Blast.

Ice Blast is a new way for us to rethink the worn look. We use microscopic dry ice crystals at a chilling -78°C to blast away the colour at the surface of the yarn. This gives a bright and very natural fade. Technically, the brightness is a result of the colour molecules being immediately removed from the fabric compared to other fading processes such as hand-scraping.

As our skilled craftsmen do their magic on the denim with the Ice Blast technique, they are in fact not only recreating a perfectly natural worn-in look. They’re also saving resources. This means you can confidently wear our Ice Blast jeans to make an environmental statement without compromising your authentic denim style.

Since dry ice is made from recycled CO2 that is turned into ice crystals, the water will evaporate from the fabric, eliminating the need for rinsing the garment in production. That’s how we save both water and energy with every pair of Ice Blast jeans.

Have a look for yourself in the video to see how this futuristic denim treatment blasts away the colour of the fabric. And don’t forget to head over to our store to check out the full collection of Ice Blast jeans.

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