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Rethinking Denim Comfort With Indigo Knit

As much as we love denim, we’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always the most comfortable of fabrics. We wanted to change that.

Jeans Intelligence | 02.03.2016

Who says you can’t combine the authentic look of denim with the smooth comfort of sweatwear? Not us!

As much as we love denim, we’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always the most comfortable of fabrics. In all fairness, denim was designed to be tough and hardwearing. It was made for workwear and comfort wasn’t the number one priority.

Today, most of the jeans we make don’t see much hard work, and being comfortable has become a higher priority. Sure, if you wear your jeans loose enough, any kind of denim can be comfortable. But these days, most of us prefer a leaner and more figure-hugging cut.

Still, while we want more comfort, we’ve also come to love the rugged look of our denim jeans and we wouldn’t really trade it for anything else. See the dilemma? If you’re reading this, chances are you’re experiencing it first-hand on a daily basis.

Let’s go to the other end of the spectrum.

Think about sportswear, sweatwear and other garments made for leisure and comfort. Good.

Now narrow it down to a pair of classic sweatpants; you know, the chunky light grey ones that are soft and comfortable, but not really suited for anything other than wearing around the house on a lazy Sunday or at the gym.

Like our beloved jeans, these kinds of garments were originally designed with a specific purpose in mind. But unlike jeans, their primary task was to make the wearer feel comfortable in physically demanding situations. While sweatpants have more or less successfully made their way into fashion, they’ll probably never reach the status of proper office attire. Or imagine wearing a pair of sweatpants on a first date; it probably won’t enhance your chances with the lucky girl.

So what do you choose? Coolness or comfort?

In fact, we’ve come up with a third option. With our innovative Indigo Knit fabric, you can have the look of denim with the comfort of sweatpants.

The Indigo Knit fabric fuses the look of denim with the comfort of sweatwear. Although technically a woven fabric like denim, Indigo Knit feels like the knitted jersey fabric we know from sweatpants. This special weave allows us to work with the same treatments that we use for our traditional denim fabrics to create the naturally worn-in look. We work with treatments such as 3D shaping, breaks and repairs, stonewashing as well as different fading agents. We can even use our new Ice Blast treatment on the fabric.

Watch the video to see how Indigo Knit combines the look of denim with the comfort of sweatwear. They’re actually comfortable enough to do extreme sports like parkour in. Pretty crazy, right?

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