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Quality Leather Explained

Your footwear line-up isn’t complete without some great leather footwear. But do you know exactly how much time and effort is put into a pair of leather boots?

JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR | 03.11.2015

Whether we’re talking about streamlined and formal oxford shoes, rugged, sturdy boots or classic brogues, a whole lot of effort is put into leather shoes. Did you know that a leather shoe from JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR is made by hand and goes through 150 processes from design to finished shoe? Designing and developing. Constructing lasts. Cutting and fitting, just to name a few.

The quality of the leather is essential for the shoe. Compromising on the quality simply gives you an inferior shoe.

JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR use full grain leather in their leather footwear, because it is the best part of the leather, with the highest quality and durability.

No other part of your clothing takes the same daily battering as your footwear. But quality leather footwear can live almost forever, despite the daily wear and tear…if you care for it. That’s the effort you put into it. It’s basically just three things; you have to clean, care and protect your leather footwear.

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