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Passion and Commitment Make Nicolai a True Denim Hero

We believe that the quality of our products reflects the passion and commitment of the people behind them. This is especially true for our Jeans Intelligence department.

Jeans Intelligence | 15.10.2014

Nobody is more involved with the creation of our jeans than Nicolai Thorup, who heads up the Jeans Intelligence team that provides jeans, pants, and shorts for all JACK & JONES brands. Nicolai’s passion for denim and his commitment to ensure that JACK & JONES delivers a superior product at a reasonable price makes him a true denim hero.

A Jeans Guy Who Likes to Try New Things

Nicolai was recruited for a job at JACK & JONES 12 years ago when he was in his early twenties. He defines himself as a “jeans guy;” jeans have always been the foundation of his outfits, and they still are today. He likes to experiment with his style – it simply isn’t exciting enough for him to only wear one pair of jeans, like some denimheads do. One day he will wear skinny black jeans, the next day it could be trashed blue jeans or a pair of raw selvedge jeans. He favours slim fits and at the moment his favourite is the new Glenn, which is a combination of the skinny Ben and the slim Tim.

The Jeans Intelligence team has worked hard to build a solid selection of fits that meet our customers’ demands. When Nicolai joined the team 7 years ago, a steady fit selection hadn’t been established yet. Today, JACK & JONES offers a stable selection of 9-10 fits that cover all styles and body types. Naturally, as fashion change styles come and go, but everything is under watchful supervision of Nicolai.

Selection of JACK & JONES jeans

A Job Where You Have to be on Your Toes all the Time

Being in charge of all development and production of jeans for a company the size of JACK & JONES is no easy task. During an average day, Nicolai is involved in creative design decisions; he handles technical production challenges and makes difficult decisions when managing his team.

Listening to Nicolai talk about the selection of JACK & JONES jeans it becomes evident how knowledgeable and deeply involved he is with each pair. He knows by heart where the fabric was milled, where the jeans were sewn, how they were washed and treated, and the ideas behind the design.

Selection of JACK & JONES jeans hanging at Brande headquarters
The five different JACK & JONES jeans brands_web

Consumer Preferences Inspire Denim Innovation

The majority of JACK & JONES jeans are prewashed and treated to get a specific look and feel. This is what our customers prefer. Today there are so many possibilities when it comes to the treatment of jeans and you can give the same fabric many different looks.

“Especially the more sustainable way of washing jeans is a new and very important step for JACK & JONES and our manufacturers. As a big player in the game of denim, we need to take our role seriously and be at the forefront of this,” Nicolai argues.

In Nicolai’s opinion, the quality of a pair of jeans is not only related to how the denim is milled and how the jeans are sewn. Quality is also determined by the craftsmanship, innovation, and creativity of how the jeans are treated and washed.

The Asian manufacturers make great jeans, otherwise we wouldn’t work with them, but there is no denying that craftsmanship and attention to detail is at another level in Europe.

Great Products at Great Prices Is Value For Money

When Nicolai joined the Jeans Intelligence team, approximately 60-70% of the jeans turnover came from jeans that were produced in China. As higher quality and stock agility became a priority for JACK & JONES, Jeans Intelligence began working more closely with their European suppliers. Today, about 80% of the total turnover on all JACK & JONES jeans comes from garments that were produced in Europe by one Italian and two Turkish suppliers.

The crazy part is that our high quality Italian-made jeans, which are on a par with the best in the industry, retail from only €80. This is what we mean by our “value for money” philosophy.

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