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New Year’s Resolutions

Let JACK & JONES TECH ambassador Leon Hutchinson guide you to reach your New Year’s goals. Get his three best pieces of advice to keep your New Year’s resolution in 2016.

JACK & JONES TECH | 06.01.2016

JACK & JONES TECH ambassador Leon Hutchinson is a passionate personal trainer with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and a lifetime of experience with sports and exercise.

January is the busiest season in every gym due to New Year’s resolutions. Leon Hutchinson knows from experience that a lot of resolutions aren’t successful – but he also knows which factors are important if you want to succeed.  Read his best tips here.

Tip 1: Set realistic goals and plan how to reach New Year’s resolutions

“First and foremost, it’s important to have a goal, but even more important to be realistic. Don’t think that you can lose 30 kilos in January, because you’ll set yourself up for failure. Also set minor milestones leading towards your main objective, to create successes continuously. Part of setting a realistic goal is also planning how to reach it.  What do you have to do this month, this week, and today to reach your minor milestones and in the end, your final goal?”

Tip 2: Believe in yourself

“The most important thing is to be motivated. People like me can help with a lot of tools and support, but we can’t help you to be motivated and believe in yourself. The motivation has to come from within, if not, your New Year’s resolution will most likely not be successful.”

Tip 3: Involve your social network

“Tell your friends and family about your plans. It is extremely difficult to succeed if you don’t have the support from your social network. When it’s hard, it’s them you turn to for consideration and support.”

Check out JACK & JONES TECH’s trainingwear and let nothing stop you in reaching your New Year’s resolution in 2016.

  • Leon Hutchinson
  • Leon Hutchinson New Year’s resolutions
  • Leon Hutchinson New Year’s resolutions
  • Leon Hutchinson New Year’s resolutions

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