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You Need to Know These 4 Denim Trends This Spring

Spring time is when you want to put on bright colours and feel relaxed. Our denim expert, Kim Frydensbjerg Klausen, believes that these four trends will rule this spring.

Jeans Intelligence | 06.02.2015

Jeans have become a wardrobe staple that you take for granted like shoes or underwear. It’s not so much a matter if you should wear jeans; the matter is which jeans to wear. One of our most trusted jeans experts and Product Responsible for our Jeans Intelligence Studio, Kim Frydensbjerg Klausen, argues that these four trends will stand out for the JACK & JONES jeans collection this spring.


JACK & JONES Glenn Fox 12090944 JACK & JONES Glenn Fox 12090944
JACK & JONES Glenn Fox 12090944

Trend 1: Get Comfortable (With Indigo Knit)

Comfort has become a key factor when we shop for jeans, Kim argues. “In addition to super stretchy denims, we also experiment with altogether new fabrics; among others our Indigo Knit – and it already looks like a homerun.”

Indigo Knit is a hybrid between sweatpants and jeans. The fabric is essentially made the same way as denim, but the mix of cotton, polyester, and elastane makes the fabric remarkably flexible and prevents it from getting saggy.

Like our jeans, the Indigo Knit selection features both clean, subtle washes and heavily treated ones – Kim is especially fond of the ripped and repaired ones, like the Glenn Fox BL 471. At a quick glance, a pair of Indigo Knits could easily be mistaken for regular jeans, yet the touch and hand feel is completely different.

JACK & JONES Glenn Original JOS 393 12085899
JACK & JONES Glenn Original JOS 393 12085899

Trend 2: Let Your Jeans Take a Beating!

Another spring and summer classic that keeps coming back is washed-down jeans – especially those that have clearly taken a beating. This spring is no exception, the denim expert predicts.

The trend is nicely defined by the Glenn Original JOS 393 jeans. They’ve been treated with almost every trick in the book including laser, hand scraping, patched up rips in the denim, and stonewashing. Despite modern technology, the process of recreating naturally worn in jeans like these is still a complicated task; it takes skilled craftsmen years to master the job.

Heavily treated jeans like these Glenns would work great with the 90s theme that our stylist Lennart suggested in this post.

JACK & JONES Glenn Fox BL408 12086236 JACK & JONES Glenn Fox BL408 12086236
JACK & JONES Glenn Fox BL408 12086236

Trend 3: Colours Shine Through

Another denim trend this spring that looks like a rerun of a 90s favourite is colourful denim. This is not to say that your jeans should be overdyed purple or yellow; Kim and his team have worked with colours in more innovative ways.

What they’ve done on the Glenn Fox BL 408 is to use denim where both the warp and the weft are dyed. The result is a very characteristic and eye-catching deep blue indigo shade, also referred to as ‘cast.’

JACK & JONES Ben Original SC942 12086007
JACK & JONES Ben Original SC942 12086007

For the skinny fit Ben Original SC 942 above, the light baby blue colour has been reached by combining blue cast denim with laser treatment and heavy stonewashing. Quite simple, really.

JACK & JONES Ben Felix BL 429 12086258 JACK & JONES Ben Felix BL 429 12086258
JACK & JONES Ben Felix BL429 12086258

Trend 4: Minimalistic Detailing

Finally, Kim highlights a few of the new styles that we are introducing this spring.

“For our brand PREMIUM by JACK & JONES, we have developed the new Ben Felix BL 429 style. It has a high stitch per inch count, which gives it a cleaner look. To underline the upgraded PREMIUM by JACK & JONES look, the back pockets are also slightly smaller compared to most of our styles.”

Combine this with the deep blue indigo dye and slubby denim and you have a distinctively masculine look. Ben is a skinny fit, so there’s a little stretch in the denim.

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