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Looking for skinny jeans with maximum comfort? Our Super Stretch is the answer.

“Literally nothing gets between me and my Super Stretch jeans – they’re too skinny for that!” Meet our denim dealer Nicolai and learn much more about the jeans.

JACK & JONES | 11.09.2015

With extreme flexibility and softness you can now put on a pair of tight jeans with ultimate comfort

“I just can’t get them tight enough”

- Nicolai from Denmark //

Don’t we all know about tight jeans that make you want to break free? Not with these Super Stretch jeans!
It isn’t evident and all the magic is hidden in these jeans. Nothing will ever tighten too much after wearing Super Stretch jeans. We don’t call them extremely flexible for nothing – Try out a pair of jeans with a whole new level of comfort. Our denim dealer Nicolai from Denmark will introduce you further:
”What I’m wearing today is a pair of Super Stretch skinny jeans. They are made of cotton, polyester and elastane. So they are super tight and super skinny but still comfortable to wear”

superstretch jeans_slider_web

What you can get from Super Stretch is new and extremely flexible JACK & JONES denim. It has the comfort and functionality of sweatwear with a rugged denim 

“Tight fit jeans used to be hard to wear. No pain no gain!
Don’t do skinny without seeing me first”


Meet our denim dealer Nicolai and learn more.

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