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Meet Tuan Le and learn why he is the ultimate sneaker guru

Tuan Le is one of the most renowned sneaker designers in the world and paints a mural on a wall of the JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR showroom.

JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR | 19.02.2016

For a guy who is one of the world’s top sneaker designers, with his own annual seven figure business, Tuan Le is surprisingly unassuming – his light voice and humble energy meeting you from behind a simple T-shirt and loose jeans. He excuses himself and gets back to the mural.


Tuan, as co-designer, completes the design team behind JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR’s new line of sports and fashion sneakers, but he’s no newcomer to Denmark. “I’ve been coming here for over 10 years, I love it.”

Tuan is a self-confessed student of Japanese and Scandinavian design. “When I’m here I can’t get enough. I love the lights that hang in the kitchen, the door knobs in the bathroom. Japan is the same; it’s powerful and understated design.”

He believes function should always come before form: “The shoe should help you run faster and jump higher, give you better traction, protection for your ankle and flex for your foot.”

His designs are all hand drawn, no CAD, no computers. “I’m completely analogue; I do everything by hand, pencil, paper.  I find it very therapeutic and satisfying at the same time. The design work that I do, basically I would say that 99% of the functions, the design, the technicality of everything – has been worked out in my head already before I put one line of drawing down on a piece of paper. The thinking time takes the longest, the execution takes just minutes.” It’s that spirit and his passion for pure design that has led Tuan to JACK & JONES.

“JACK & JONES is a perfect example of personal collaboration. Kirsten [Kirsten Avery, Design Manager at JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR] would sit with me and explain to me her target consumer, her target products, what she’s looking for. Off I went. As a designer that’s about all I need.”


We ask Tuan which style from the new range he is most happy with and he doesn’t mention any style in particular; he doesn’t even mention sales projections, trends or technology. He simply speaks as a guy who loves and wears sneakers. “I’m a runner. I run every morning to stay in shape and to help my thinking process. I love the new range of running sneakers and I can’t wait to get a pair for myself.”

That’s the point: Tuan’s success is undoubtedly rooted in his genuine love for design and sneakers. He and the rest of the team create stunning footwear that not only looks great but is comfortable to wear and does its job.


The first sneak peek at the new JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR sneaker line made in collaboration with Tuan Le was pre-released in six exclusive stores in Europe was released first time in October, the full release will start happening now.

Check out our recent blogpost to get more info about the newest exclusive Tuan Le sneakers collection.


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