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Learn How JACK & JONES Jeans Have Become More Eco-Friendly

Back in 2011, we introduced our certified Low Impact Denim initiative, which saves water and energy compared to conventional finishing and treatment procedures with each pair of jeans.

Jeans Intelligence | 15.10.2014

Caring for the environment is no longer reserved for hippies and tree huggers. Natural resources are scarce and at JACK & JONES we strive to preserve as much as possible with each pair of jeans we make.

Guided by our search for more sustainable jeans production, we use cutting edge technologies to make our jeans look just like they would with traditional denim treatments through the Low Impact Denim initiative. With laser and ozone we create the visual effects on the finished garments that our customers love, but in a more environmentally friendly way. The result is that we minimise the amount of water, energy, and waste consumed by producing our jeans and thereby lower the environmental impact of the finishing processes of our jeans production.


JACK & JONES jeans undergoing laser treatment at Italian denim laundry

Ozone is used to clean and fade the denim. Ozone, which is a natural gas, is injected into a big drum and basically has the same effect on the denim as stonewash and similar fading agents. The big advantage of using ozone is that we can fade the jeans without using any water in the process. Laser is used to create the desired worn-in looks; specifically it is use to make moustaches, breaks, and other creative expressions.

JACK & JONES denim factory

Low Impact Denim reduces water consumption by a minimum of 40% and energy use by at least 30% compared to our average benchmark, which has been defined through a lifecycle assessment of five generic JACK & JONES jeans. In 2013 we saved 55 million litres of water and 5 million kilowatts of energy through Low Impact Denim production. We think that’s quite an achievement.

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