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Learn How Andreas Can Help You Get Your Own Style

Some men associate shopping with fighting off pushy salesmen. For visual merchandiser Andreas, it’s crucial to make sure that his customers get all the time and space they need.

Jeans Intelligence | 15.10.2014

The foot soldiers of a large retail organisation like JACK & JONES are the guys you meet in our stores. Their job is to make sure that you feel a little better when you walk out than you did when you came in. 20-year-old visual merchandiser Andreas Søgaard Skjold is one of the guys who go into battle every day with a clear goal to give his customers the best possible experience.

Andreas has a simple strategy for success; he lets the customer take the lead. He casually gets the customer to talk about his daily life to make him feel secure and relaxed. He carefully listens and looks for clues he can use to offer customised style advice.

It may sound weird, but Andreas doesn’t focus on making sales. Instead, he strives to make customers feel secure and turn an “I’m just browsing” into a friendly conversation. This simple strategy usually ends with the customer proudly walking out feeling satisfied with a new JACK & JONES product in his shopping bag.

Visual Merchandiser Andreas Skjold from JACK & JONES Soendergade store Visual Merchandiser Andreas Skjold from JACK & JONES Soendergade store
Visual Merchandiser Andreas Skjold from JACK & JONES Soendergade store

As a visual merchandiser of the Søndergade store in Aarhus, Andreas is responsible for keeping the store updated with the latest trends and products. His merchandising of the store has a direct impact on the overall impression customers get when they walk through the door, he explains.

Andreas prefers skinny jeans like the Ben and finds inspiration from the streets and the media he uses. He likes to think of his style as a mix of David Beckham and Stanley Most.

One of Andreas’ favourite aspects of his job is that he can be creative while getting direct response on how he merchandises the shop. It gives him the feeling that he’s making a difference for the products that ‘walk out the door;’ the way he styles the store more or less directly influences what they sell. Andreas clearly loves what he does, and he has a clear goal for his future: becoming a district visual merchandiser for JACK & JONES.

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