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How Justin Timberlake Ruined the Double Denim Look

With millions of dedicated fans, celebrities challenge our perceptions of style and create trends. In this Denim Style feature we take a closer look at Justin Timberlake’s jeans look.

Jeans Intelligence | 23.10.2014

Let’s face it, everybody does it. At one point or another, we bet you’ve ripped off the style of your favourite celebrity. There’s nothing wrong with that; designers do it all the time.

Justin Timberlake is globally recognised as a style icon. The Memphis-born innovator rose to international stardom with *NSYNC at an age where most of us are still in high school. By 21 he had released his first solo album and Timberlake’s career has only moved forward since. He has nine Grammy awards under his belt, but the hit maker has also been acknowledged for his style – last year GQ named him Best-Dressed Man of the year.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears in denim
Despite his status as style icon, Timberlake made a few style-related missteps in his early years.

Most unforgettable is the denim suit he wore for the 2001 American Music Awards – which he attended with then girlfriend Britney Spears, who wore a matching dress.

Images like this will probably bring a smile to your face, but back then they were dead serious about it.


Timberlake is clearly a fan of denim. Like many Americans, he prefers a looser fit than most European trendsetters. Even though JT can surely pull off slimmer pants, it’s nice with a little contrast to the skinny and slim jeans that dominate street fashion and catwalks.

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