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We Open New Stores Weekly – Here’s Why

Even though online shopping is big business, we open new stores around the globe weekly; most recently a flagship store in Copenhagen. There’s a good reason why it won’t be our last.

Jeans Intelligence | 12.12.2014

On December 6, 2014, we opened our store number 1060 in the heart of Copenhagen. The new flagship store in the Danish capital is built with our unique store concept, which lets the customers browse the vast JACK & JONES jeans selection and four of our brands in separately dedicated areas of the store.

We have meticulously incorporated the history of the building into design of the store. The raw visible brick walls are balanced out by the stylishly clean PREMIUM by JACK & JONES area, and the Jeans Intelligence area gets a lot of spotlight with a central position in the store. It’s the perfect way to get the full JACK & JONES experience.

Facede of JACK & JONES flagship store in Copenhagen Shop area at JACK & JONES flagship store in Copenhagen
Staff at JACK & JONES flagship store in Copenhagen

How We Make Shopping Easier and Fun

The store intelligently benefits from electronic communication tools to make your shopping experience easier and more fun.

Giant screens in the windows facing the street as well as screens inside the store bring updates about newly arrived products. A touch screen in the jeans area helps you navigate the fit options while smaller screens by the registers let you sign up for our customer club and check out the small print. The unique JACK & JONES playlist is playing 24/7 and the windows function as speakers. We think that’s pretty cool.

In a nutshell, the concept of our new flagship store in Copenhagen is all about creating great shopping experiences. But we want more than that; we want you to feel inspired.

ORIGINALS shop area of JACK & JONES flagship store in Copenhagen
Jeans wall of JACK & JONES flagship store in Copenhagen

It’s All About Creating “Men’s Comfort Zone”

One of our guiding principles is to create a comfort zone for the guys who walk through our door – whether that door is virtual or physical.

This philosophy is clearly evidenced in our brick and mortar stores. As Retail Director for JACK & JONES, Peter Christian Kristiansen, puts it:

“We try to create a relaxed atmosphere both through our interior design and our staff. That way we do our best in providing inspiration to our customers.”

If you’re curious to find out exactly how we do this, stop by the new flagship store in Copenhagen and get a chat with one of our friendly staffers over a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Customers at shop opening of JACK & JONES flagship store in Copenhagen

Here’s Why Brick and Mortar Stores Still Make Sense

Online shopping thrives for several reasons. It’s convenient and offers an abundance of opportunities; the web is always open, you have endless selections to choose from, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

However, most of us still enjoy the occasional visit to the good ol’ fashioned brick and mortar store. Especially with clothes, many consumers still like to feel the fabric, try on the fit, and talk face to face with someone who understands what we’re looking for.

If you are the kind of guy that likes to buy your clothes in 4D and get style advice from a guy you can actually look in the eye, at least once in a while, a JACK & JONES store is a good place to start. You can find out which of our more than 1000 JACK & JONES stores across Europe, India, and Canada is closest to you here.

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