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Why Italian JACK & JONES Jeans Are Even Better Than You Think

Did you know that the Italians make some of the best jeans money can buy? And that JACK & JONES makes more Italian jeans than any other brand in the world?

Jeans Intelligence | 09.01.2015

Making high-quality jeans is a craft; something that takes years and skills to master. For decades, Italy has been one of the world’s leading denim nations. Especially when it comes to weaving and treatment technologies, the Italians are always one step ahead. That’s why we’re so proud to offer an extensive selection of Italian JACK & JONES jeans that are hand-finished at some of the best Italian laundries there is.

The making of all Italian JACK & JONES jeans is done with a class leading combination of artisanal skills and advanced technologies. What we get is a superior product that qualitywise is on par with brands that charge way more than we do. That’s what you get when you combine our motto of “craftsmanship and dedication” with a value-for-money principle.

Sewing of Italian JACK & JONES jeans
R.D.D. Erik Royal Selvage R065

The Highlights of Italian JACK & JONES Jeans

Together with our Italian partner Blue Line, we have developed several of our most innovative concepts. Our top-of-the-line Royal Denim Division (R.D.D.) collection is entirely made in Italy and washed at the best Italian laundries. It is a prime example of how we mix authentic and modern style by combining tradition with innovation.

Another ground-breaking new treatment, that has been pioneered in Italy, is our Ice Blast concept, where crystallised dry ice is used to blast away the indigo and fade the denim while saving resources. This is just one example of how the Italian laundries we work with help us realise our Low Impact Denim goals: to reduce water consumption by a minimum of 40% and energy use by at least 30% for treatment processes compared to our benchmark.

The Blue Line team, makers of the Italian JACK & JONES jeans

We Have Always Made Italian Jeans

JACK & JONES was established in 1990 in Brande, Denmark with a vision to make great value-for-money jeans. Since day one, we have practiced what we preach by selling high-quality Italian jeans at very reasonable price points. Our hard work and honest products have paid off and our values clearly resonate with the public; today there are more than 10,000 JACK & JONES retailers worldwide.

Making of Italian JACK & JONES jeans at laundry

Facts About Italian JACK & JONES Jeans

– JACK & JONES sells more Italian jeans than any other brand in the world

– 40% of the entire JACK & JONES jeans production takes place in Italy

– We make our jeans in the same places as some of the most renowned jeans brands

– We work with the best denim mills such as Candiani and ISKO

– Italian JACK & JONES jeans are washed at some of the world’s best laundries, including Martelli, Elleti, and Lavaredo

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