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It can easily be mistaken for regular denim, but discover the soft side!

We fused the rugged look of denim with the soft feel of a sweatpant. The result is INDIGO KNIT. Wear it to believe it.

Jeans Intelligence | 16.09.2015

These jeans keep it simple while revealing a hidden treasure.

You can now wear super soft jeans with attitude, as these jeans feel just like sweatpants when you try them on for the first time.
And they won’t stop being awesome!

Have you always been looking for the perfect pair of jeans? Then take a look at these 2 options.


Indigo Knit has the look of jeans and the feel of sweatpants.
You will have to feel its softness and comfort to be convinced that this is, in fact, not regular denim, although it looks just like it.

Maxime from Canada will help you stay casually cool in a pair of Indigo Knits.
He also reveals some basic styling tips too!

”Today I am wearing stone washed jeans. It's looking very cool, they look like 80s style. And I am wearing an indigo shirt with a nice bomber jacket, it's very classic”

- Maxime from Canada //

They feel like a pair of sweatpants but look like a pair of jeans. That’s pretty awesome! Find selection in stores and online.

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Watch the video to learn more about Maxime and Indigo Knit.

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