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Authentically Worn Jeans Inspire Us to Innovate Denim Treatments

The popular trend of authentically worn in jeans is strongly inspired by how raw denim fades with wash and wear. Learn more about some of our favourites in this article.

Jeans Intelligence | 15.10.2014

Denim is a unique fabric. Unlike most other textiles, denim gets better looking the more you wear it.

The Jeans Intelligence team at JACK & JONES primarily works with dark indigo blue denims that are washed and treated in a number of innovative ways to achieve specific looks.

The selection includes state-of-the-art denims such as the weft dyed denim used for this Tim jean. Manager of Jeans Intelligence, Nicolai Thorup explains that JACK & JONES is constantly broadening the horizons by combining unconventional denims with the authentically washed expressions.

"With so many authentically worn jeans on offer, it’s tough to pick a favourite."

One of Nicolai’s personal choices is this Glenn made from stretch denim and treated with hand scraping, oxidising spray, and pigment dyeing to achieve its worn look. A popular newcomer is this Tim that has been both bleached, enzyme washed, and treated with oxidising spray to get the bright moustaches. Finally there’s the bestselling weft dyed Tim with brushed moustaches and a characteristic inky blue colour.

For those looking for even more worn in looks there’s this stonewashed Ben with heavy breaks and repairs as well as a few splashes of paint. There’s also the darker indigo rich Tim with high contrast fades and a few breaks on the thighs.

You can browse our entire selection of authentically worn jeans here.

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