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Here’s Why Indigo Knit Is the Future of Denim

Our new fabric Indigo Knit fuses the best of two worlds. It combines the superb comfort of knitted sweatwear with the authentic indigo look of denim.

Jeans Intelligence | 05.12.2014

Imagine if you could wear your sweatpants to work on casual Friday or on a date with your girlfriend. Well, with Indigo Knit you can, sort of. Indigo Knit is a woven fabric that brings together superior flexibility with the cool look of worn in denim. This is how we do it.

It Looks Like Denim, But Feels Like Sweatwear

Indigo Knit is made more or less the same way as denim. Cotton fibres are carted, spun, indigo dyed, and finally woven. Polyester and elastane are added to the cotton to increase flexibility and fabric recovery. Although Indigo Knit is in fact technically a woven fabric, it feels more like knitted sweatwear than denim. Jump into a pair of Indigo Knits and you’ll be surprised by the soft touch and comfortable fit.

Indigo Knit fuses sweatwear and denim

How We Give Indigo Knit Its Denim Look

We started working with Indigo Knit five years ago. Since then, technology has moved fast. Especially in terms of the treatments we can put the fabric through we are light years from where we started. Like denim garments, our Indigo Knit selection has been treated with both wet and dry processes such as 3D shaping, breaks and repairs, and different fading agents to get the naturally worn in look.

Manager of our Jeans Intelligence department, Nicolai Thorup, explains:

“You can wash and treat Indigo Knit like a pair of jeans and at the same time you feel like wearing a pair of sweat pants. Sport and comfort in men’s fashion is very important, and in the regular denim fabrics we see a higher demand for stretch. Comfort is key for the modern guy and his approach to fashion.”

Try Our Indigo Knit – We’re Sure You Will Love it!

Today, the Indigo Knit fabric could easily be mistaken for regular denim; you will have to feel the softness and comfort of the fabric to be convinced that this is, in fact, not regular denim.

The first styles have just been introduced in our online range, but for spring we will add even more styles.

JACK & JONES Indigo Knit is perfect as sportswear

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