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Need a Cooler Fade? Go For Ice Blast!

Meet our Denim Dealer, Eric from Germany and get to know more about how ICE BLAST uses -78°C dry ice to blast dye out of denim.

Jeans Intelligence | 31.07.2015

Ice Blast is a new JACK & JONES treatment where crystallised -78°C dry ice blasts away the indigo and fades the denim. The dry ice is made from recycled resources and almost no water is needed.


With the use of Ice Blast your jeans get a cool fade. And, in use less water and energy to create the fade compared to conventional treatments. What’s not to like?

Find the selection in store and online.

Ice Blast jeans
Ice Blast Denim
ice blast denim
“It’s crazy that crystallised dry ice can blast away the indigo colour. But that’s just how JACK & JONES Ice Blast jeans get their unique look."


Eric from Germany will tell you more in the video.

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