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Heavy, unwashed and rugged!

Few things look as good as a pair of heavily worn and torn denim jeans. If you want a completely unique look, you have to start with a pair of unwashed jeans. They are totally wearable and you can easily style them with a check shirt to kick some ass!

Jeans Intelligence | 16.09.2015

Unwashed denim offers you a chance to achieve a unique and personal look that friends will envy and compliment.Create an eye-catching outfit by adding a colourful lumberjack shirt to your rough jeans.This outfit will never go away or stop being spot on!


Enrique from Spain explains how rough denim jeans need to be worn and how these jeans are transformed into on-trend jeans.

“It’s fascinating how something so uncomfortable gets so soft after a few months of wear.”

– Enrique from Spain //

You can find raw jeans and much more online and in stores.


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