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How Hard Work and Ambitions Made Roman A Denim Hero

Being a JACK & JONES Denim Hero means being willing to put in the hard work, having a burning passion for denim, and being in it to win it. Roman Kohi from Austria ticks all the boxes.

Jeans Intelligence | 30.01.2015

BESTSELLER is like the America of clothing companies: with hard work and a healthy portion of self-confidence you can accomplish basically anything. But, at the same time, the company is also a product of the typical Danish mentality to leave no man behind.

We met Roman Kohi from Austria who only joined the JACK & JONES NOOS sales team in August last year, but he’s already proven that he’s got what it takes to earn the title as a JACK & JONES Denim Hero. This is the story of how he got there.

How He Got Infected with the Denim Passion

Roman was 16 when he started working in the fashion business. He was born in Afghanistan, but his parents relocated to Vienna soon after. His first job in fashion was at a Zara store, but it didn’t take long before his talents were scouted by the people from Don Gil, a well-respected high-end fashion store in the Austrian capital, particularly known for its impeccable service and exclusive brand offering. It was at Don Gil that Roman fell in love with denim during a sales training session with Diesel representatives:

“I got infected by their passion,” Roman recalls, smiling like he was remembering his childhood sweetheart. “Today, indigo runs in my veins,” he adds.

After completing his mandatory military service, Roman got a job at another fashion retailer. This one had G-Star on their brand list, which would prove to be a game changer for him.

Discussing Denim Got Him a Job as Sales Manager

Working with G-Star, Roman had his second denim revelation; he discovered raw, unwashed denim. The sales reps of the Dutch brand were clearly impressed by the young, energetic “passionista” – when they offered him a job at a new retail location they were opening, Roman didn’t need much time to consider it. After some 4-5 months at the store, he earned a trainee position and by his 21st birthday his business card said ‘store manager.’

Fast forward a few years to the summer of 2014; the country manager of JACK & JONES in Austria walked into Roman’s store wearing selvedge denim jeans. Without realising who the guys was, Roman spontaneously started explaining about the denim and how he likes to wear it (cuffed). You see, Roman suffers from the denimhead-syndrome; an almost uncontrollable urge to talk about denim.

Immediately recognising his passion and talent, Roman was offered a job at BESTSELLER. Initially, he was recruited to be sales manager of ONLY & SONS, but Roman didn’t feel suited for the job. Then came an offer for a sales trainee position at SELECTED, but it was only when the job as JACK & JONES NOOS jeans sales manager was on the table that Roman jumped on board.

Today, Roman is sincerely thankful for this opportunity; anyone who has worked with him will tell you that he’s the perfect guy for the job and a good catch for JACK & JONES in Austria. Here’s how he makes a difference for us.

“The Other Brands Have to Look Out for JACK & JONES!”

Roman is a hardcore denim enthusiast; he usually wears unwashed denim and washes it as little as possible. Despite his personal preferences, Roman believes that JACK & JONES has hit the nail on the head with initiatives like Indigo Knit. In fact, he considers the coming autumn 2015 collection to be the strongest and most well-balanced denim collection he has ever seen. And, with extensive experience with one of JACK & JONES’ main competitors, he probably knows what he’s talking about when he says that “they have to look out for us.”

Roman’s main responsibility with JACK & JONES is to make sure that his roughly 80-90 retailers in Austria and Eastern Europe always have the latest and bestselling jeans in stock. Like any good salesman, he visits his retailers as often as physically possible, but many of his tasks can be solved over the phone. But, the lack of face-to-face contact is not an obstacle for Roman; his passion makes him the kind of guy that can sell denim convincingly over the phone without ever being pushy.

His favourite part of his job is when he gets to host training sessions for his retailers and their staff – sessions like those that got him into denim almost a decade ago:

“When I see their eyes are shining and I know they’ve learned something that’s when I love what I do the most.”

We’ve happy to call Roman a JACK & JONES Denim Hero.

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