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Handmade Leather Jackets from CORE by JACK & JONES

The new leather programme from CORE by JACK & JONES is so strong and well worked through that the seamster puts his personal signature on it. You can check his name on the label.

CORE by JACK & JONES | 02.02.2016
Lederjacke JACK & JONES
Lederjacke JACK & JONES

Worn by rebels, leaders and rock stars, leather jackets have marked decades of fashion being a statement of attitude and power.

And why fix something that isn’t broke? Strong styles, top quality aniline lambs leather and craftsmanship. That’s what it’s all about

The leather jackets are sewn by the same seamster from top to bottom, inside and out.

Leather lives its own life. It’s an organic material that adapts to its owners use and wear. It lives with the person wearing it.

Lederjacke JACK & JONES

So come rain or shine – a great quality leather jacket will stand the test of time!

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