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3 Ways To Get A Fresh Spring Look With Indigo Knit

The sun has returned and everything suddenly looks so much clearer. It’s time to spice up your wardrobe for the spring season; we suggest you do so with Indigo Knit.

Jeans Intelligence | 20.03.2015

Spring is finally here and you’ve probably noticed how people desperately flock the street to soak up every last ray of sunshine. And you should join them!

Just remember that with the return of blinding bright daylight others will actually be able to see what you’re wearing – so make sure you’re stepping up your game! We found these three ways you can do so with Indigo Knit.

JACK & JONES Indigo Knit Spring Style #1: Surf’s Up!
JACK & JONES Indigo Knit Spring Style #1: Surf’s Up!

Indigo Knit Spring Style #1: Surf’s Up!

With its vividly blue colour and relaxed feel, Indigo Knit is perfect for spring. Something else that oozes spring and good times is surfing. The allure of the relaxed laissez-faire lifestyle has attracted those young and free at heart for decades – and the surfer look is an unavoidable spring wardrobe theme this year as well.

If you want something a little less loud than the Hawaii shirts we’ve seen so much of the past few spring seasons, go for the sun bleached look by matching a pair of heavily washed Indigo Knits with some floral prints. Top off this casual look with a shirt worn around your waist and clean canvas sneakers.

JACK & JONES Indigo Knit Spring Style #2: Land Ahoy, Sailor
JACK & JONES Indigo Knit Spring Style #2: Land Ahoy, Sailor

Indigo Knit Spring Style #2: Land Ahoy, Sailor

Staying within the maritime theme, especially one item from the nautical wardrobe is a spring evergreen. According to history books, from 1858 and onwards, French sailors were required by law to wear striped sweaters, known as Breton shirts, to make it easier to spot them if they fell overboard.

In 1917, Coco Chanel made the striped shirts a fashion statement for the bourgeoisie that would vacation at the French Riviera. Today, you don’t need to be neither a seaman nor French upper-class to wear the iconic striped shirt, and it looks great with a pair of Indigo Knit shorts. If you have an anchor inked under your skin, this would be the chance to reveal it.

JACK & JONES Indigo Knit Spring Style #3: The 2015-Skater
JACK & JONES Indigo Knit Spring Style #3: The 2015-Skater

Indigo Knit Spring Style #3: The 2015-Skater

If you’re looking for something a little more urban, the skater’s wardrobe is a great place to find inspiration. Long gone are the days when skaters would by definition wear oversized cargo pants with printed T-shirts and hoodies. Sure, some of the comfort-oriented elements of the lifestyle are still there, but skaters have been domesticated and the influence of their wardrobes now reaches catwalks and high-street fashion.

Skaters have always been known to seek boundaries; wearing a polo shirt under a denim shirt is something we know they could pull off. Mixing the rough and clean elements of denim and pique is a cool match for the heavily ripped and repaired Indigo Knit shorts.

For more inspiration on ways to wear Indigo Knit for the spring, click here.

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