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From London to Copenhagen

You might have seen Tommy in some of our photos before, but what you don’t know about him is that he’s originally from London, and moved to Copenhagen nearly 3 years ago. Get some insider tips about Copenhagen here.

ORIGINALS by JACK & JONES | 07.02.2017

You might have seen Tommy in some of our photos before, but what you don’t know about him is that he’s originally from London, and moved to Copenhagen nearly 3 years ago.  After meeting his girlfriend on a night out in London, he visited her in Copenhagen a couple of times. It’s safe to say that he fell in love with the girl and the city. He claims that it’s a smaller, cleaner, more efficient version of London. His favourite part of Copenhagen is Nørrebro.

Tommy-lee Winkworth, 24, Model, Copenhagen


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I’ve never been a big fan of “grabbing a coffee” in one of these massive coffee franchises. A few of my friends started to work at this place and asked for me to come chill, say hi, etc. With it also being close to my apartment, it is the best place for those coffee breaks. It has one of those vibes that as soon as you walk in, it transports you to a calmer and relaxed place. Plus if my friends are working I get a bigger slice of cake!



I couldn’t name my favourite place to eat in this city, the list is endless, so I’d thought I would try to summarize it… without getting hungry. Being a dude who loves his food, I need to be surrounded by a variety of wicked food spots. Copenhagen is about that foodie life, which makes it hard not to instagram every meal when you’re out. The Nordic cuisine is among the best in the world, they know how to cook. The variety of food choices here is madness, whatever you want you can find, all within a 10-minute bike ride.



This place is very special to me, the first time I ever came to Copenhagen we had ended up here. This was in the summertime, blue skies, bright red coloured floor and such a variety of people using it. There were little kids playing on the swings, dudes skateboarding, people BBQing whilst blasting reggae out of their speakers. That’s the moment when I felt that this place was special. It gave me a sense of unity and diversity in this area. Wicked place in the summer!



I could not NOT mention a place for beer and trust me, this is the place. Mikkeller has a very typical Nordic décor, fresh, minimal with a variety of different beers. From your IPAs to your stouts, they have got something for you. There are over 40 to choose from! The perfect summertime boozer (sounding very London), there are Mikkeller bars dotted around the whole of Copenhagen.

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