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Explore Our Many Shades of Black Denim to Find Your Favourite

Regardless of style, black jeans have become a favourite among youthful urbanites, and the trend is back in full swing this autumn.

Jeans Intelligence | 15.10.2014

Jeans come in a myriad of colours, but for the most part there are two basic colours to choose from: blue and black.

Black denim cut in slimmer fits ooze of rock ‘n’ roll attitude, but the versatile fabric has also come to symbolise Scandinavian minimalism.

Various tones of black and grey are fundamental to both classic five pocket styles, like this Ben jean, and more innovative designs, which styles like this Mike jean embodies. The darker denims perfectly match slim and skinny fit jeans – to offer comfort and wearability of snug fits like the Ben or the new Glenn, most of the denims have a bit of stretch in them.

For the autumn 2014 collection, the Jeans Intelligence team at JACK & JONES has focused on deep black denims where both warp and weft are dyed black. They have also been working with black coatings and a new 4/1 denim that has the black dye sitting on top of the traditional indigo warp dye. Another prevailing trend this autumn is the washed down black denims that become grey; which basically is the stonewashed versions of black denims.

Have a look for yourself at our selection of black and grey jeans here.

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