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Exclusive Tuan Le sneakers: FUSION by JACK & JONES

If you’re into limited edition of Tuan Le sneakers, look no further. This autumn, JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR releases two exclusive ‘Fusion’ styles created in collaboration with world-renowned sneaker designer Tuan Le.

JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR | 08.09.2016

The Fusion Collection: Classics turned upside down

An exercise in contemporary cool, these Portuguese made styles are crafted in luxury Italian leathers and set on the oversized ‘Fuse’ outsole with integrated leather welt. Many different elements converge, which is why ‘Fusion’ is the best way to describe these styles.

First to drop is the Fuse Hi and Fuse Court primarily styled in jet black, off-set with flashes of red, the look is exclusively cool.

The inspiration comes from the merging of street culture and future trends. These styles base their foundation on traditional basket and court influences, this is then completely turned on its head by the over-sized futuristic outsole, earning this collab its ‘Fusion’ title.


A strong collaboration with constant development

Tuan Le has been collaborating with JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR for the past two years mainly providing concepts and designs for the outsoles for the main collections. This relationship has turned out to be very rewarding for both parties resulting in this exciting ‘Fusion’ collab.


There will be a second drop of the JACK & JONES x Tuan Le ‘Fuse’ limited edition collection where Tuan Le has produced another excusive style which has been expertly developed by JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR. This collection will launch in November 2016.

  • Tuan Le sneakers
  • Tuan Le sneakers
  • Tuan Le sneakers

“A designer like Tuan Le adds credibility and value to our sneaker category. Having Tuan Le on board in JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR combines function with form completing the design team working with the fashion sneakers. His work is a powerful contribution when it comes to continuously exploring and developing our brand and sneaker design.” 

Kirsten Avery Design Manager

Tuan Le. The Zen Master of Footwear

For a guy who is one of the world’s top sneaker designers, Tuan Le is surprisingly unassuming and generally shies away from the limelight. However if you are a self-confessed sneaker-freak then you may already have heard the name Tuan Le.

Over his office door, in the American city of Portland, hangs a sign that reads, “Zen Master of Footwear Design.” Meet him and you quickly get the Zen tag. His light voice and humble energy meeting you from behind a simple t-shirt and loose jeans.

Tuan’s success is undoubtedly rooted in his genuine love for design and sneakers. He creates stunning footwear that not only looks great but is functional and great to wear. In general he believes function should always come before form: “The shoe should give you better traction, protection for your ankle and flex for your foot.”

Remember that sign that hangs over Tuan’s office door? He didn’t commission it. It was a gift. Not surprising really.

This men’s shoes collection will be available from the 6th of October on www.jackjones.com

Take part of the launch event in London the 6th of October on Instagram Stories 

Tuan Le
Tuan Le

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