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Black meets white in this sharp-edged universe with some mixing around.

Grunge is alive and kicking with darker tones and looser fittings! Just put on a shirt, jeans and a bit of black. Go choose from the variety in your existing wardrobe

Jeans Intelligence | 17.09.2015

Let us take you to the dark side with rips and breaks.
Grunge is all about black and white vibes.
As a contrast to the darkness you can attract some colours.

Maybe red?
It won’t hurt.


These colourways seem a bit toned down but you can add some vibrant colours to help you broaden your own perspective on the outfit.
Go for some solid colours.
It will look effortless.

Our denim dealer from Germany, Ecehan, simplifies the look by revealing how easy you can combine styles together to achieve a cool grunge look

“You don’t have to look like a Kurt Cobain to rock the grunge look. Just throw on a pair of ripped jeans and a check shirt.”

- Ecehan from Germany //

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