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Berlin – A City Without Boundaries

Born in Thuringia, in the green heart of Germany, Martin fell in love with Berlin at first sight when he visited the German capital back in 2008. Get the insights on the city here.

ORIGINALS by JACK & JONES | 13.02.2017

Martin, 26, Social Media Consultant and Blogger, Berlin

Born in Thuringia, in the green heart of Germany, Martin fell in love with Berlin at first sight when he visited the German capital back in 2008. The Social media consultant and blogger settled in a city without boundaries. ”The city gives everyone a chance and is unbelievably cosmopolitan in comparison to the rest of Germany.“


Martin loves music and, as he said, Berlin would not be Berlin without the music scene. This was a major factor and a crucial point in his decision to move here. When we spoke with Martin, it turned out that the phrase “Berlin is poor but sexy” is actually quite on point. As he implies, this is not a place for people who want to earn money, it’s more a place for people’s creativity and passion for life.


Pauls Boutique

When I stepped in Pauls Boutique for the first time, I was impressed. Not only because the owner stocks an enormous range of 2nd hand clothes and sneakers in the tiny store in Berlin Mitte, but he also shows his toy collection and makes it accessible to everyone. On almost 50 square meters, there are not only clothes, but also Frank’s toys, robots, boom boxes and his Star Wars collection. Pauls Boutique is the place to go for all vintage hunters and guys who are never too old for toys.

Arena Area

If you are looking for an amusement park for adults in Berlin, the area around Arena is the best place for you. There is not only a small club, but also a huge concert venue, an infinity pool in the Spree called Badeschiff, an artificial beach, the legendary Club der Visionäre, but also a restaurant, the Freischwimmer. There is a lot of activity all year round, but the summertime is definitely the highlight. Berlin Feeling? You betcha!



The area around Ostkreuz Berlin is ideal for a cosy and beautiful sunset walk with a breath-taking view of Berlin’s silhouette. Not far from the Rummselburger lake and the Treptower Park you can see everything that is so typical for Berlin: the Spree, the Molecule Man statue, the Oberbaumbrücke, the classic yellowand of course the TV tower in the far distance. This place is and will remain my favourite spot in Berlin at all seasons of the year. Grab a beer with friends and enjoy everything that makes Berlin so special.

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Prince Charles

Located right next to the Korean burger place Pacifico, and the well-known restaurant Parker Bowles, Prince Charles is one of Berlin’s most popular venues when it comes to good parties and unforgettable nights. The repertoire of various parties and concerts is as mind-blowing as the club itself. They provide everything from dark techno nights to 90s Hip Hop parties, and go by the motto „We don’t care about any genre as long as it’s hot.“ This also applies to the club’s menu. Innovative and stylish, the club is located in an old swimming pool.


If you have the ultimate chance and know some Berlin residents, don’t miss out on one of the awesome rooftops to enjoy the sunset view. Sure, the Berlin skyline is only famous for its TV tower, but that just makes it easy to get a breath-taking view. With a bit of luck, you are just like me and will fall in love with the city at first sight.

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Tante Frizzante

You might want to spend a summer day at the area of Berlin’s old abandoned airport Tempelhof. Don’t miss Tante Frizannte at Hermannstraße. Sure, Berlin is full of Spätis with a wide selection of drinks, but no other Späti serves more unique and different drinks. Craft beer, indie lemonades, wine and their own in-house wine. Tante Frizzante has a unique range of over 600 different drinks and honestly deserves the title „drink concept store“. Grab a beer with your friends but make it special!

Red Bull Studios

One of the highlights in the well-known and hip area of Kreuzkölln is definitely the Red Bull Studios that had their grand opening last year. Hands down, if there is an exclusive concert of a world-renowned artist, you should try to pop by and enjoy a unique music experience in the heart of the premises – the recording studio itself.


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