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5 Ways to Style Your Denim This Spring

A new season is here and it’s the perfect chance to broaden your horizon stylewise. See the 5 denim trends that our stylist, Lennart, thinks will be important this spring.

Jeans Intelligence | 16.01.2015

Guys sometimes fall prey to the trap of wearing the same outfits every day. If you took our New Year’s resolution to try wearing something new this year, now is the time to act upon it!

To help you along the way, our stylist, Lennart, presents these 5 ways you can style your denim for the spring based on the hottest trends right now.

Double denim look with tucked in t-shirt
Double denim look with tucked in t-shirt - close-up

Go Double Denim

We’re big fans of the double denim look; we’ve been rocking the jeans and denim jacket combination steadily for the past 25 years. It’s a trend that pops around roughly once every decade and now it’s back again at full throttle.

Combining your choice of double denim with another trend for the spring, the tucked in white T-shirt worn Marlon Brando-style, is a sure-fire way to look cool in denim this season.

Wear your denim 90s-style
Wear your denim 90s-style - close-up

Long Live the 90s

Whether you call it normcore or Grunge-inspired, the trend of using elements of the wardrobes of Seinfeld, Kurt Cobain, and the original Beverly Hills TV-show will once again be noticeable this spring.

You don’t have to go all out and wear your clothes exactly like Brandon Walsh or Jerry Seinfeld did; it’s been some time since boxy button down shirts tucked into high waist straight jeans were in fashion. What you shouldn’t hold back on is mixing a pair of bleached down jeans and denim tops with sweatwear. Go full 90s and wear a knitted sweater around your hips.

Wear your denim with a cholo-style shirt
Wear your denim with a cholo-style shirt, the top button buttoned

“Mexican Gangs” Meets Street Style

Mexican gangsters are not the kind of people we generally aspire to be like. But, in addition to facial tattoos, they’ve given us one trend that we will also see this spring: the “buttoning of the top buttons only” look.

Hispanic gangsters, or “cholos” as they’re are known in the US, usually wear flannel shirts, oversized khaki chinos, and bandanas wrapped around their heads. We like the cholo-shirt styling with a workwear-inspired look: wear a check shirt with a tee underneath mixed with black jeans and sneakers.

Mix formal and unformal with jeans and blazer
Mix formal and unformal with jeans and blazer - double shirt

Layering of Casual and Formal

Blazers are not only for formal occasion or suited-up businessmen, they also work well with your washed down jeans. The clash between casual and formal is something we believe we will see a lot of in the world of jeanswear this spring.

Wearing two shirts underneath your blazer spices things up even more. Here, we’ve also mixed casual with formal in a “denim shirt meets white oxford shirt” approach. It’s bold, we know, but if you can pull it off it works very well.

Mix blue denim and green tops
Mix blue denim and green tops - close-up

Nonchalantly Mixing Blue and Green

There’s just something special about the combination of blue and green; the two colours complement each other very well and ooze of ruggedness.

This spring we will see the two colours matched in outfits like green spring jackets worn with blue jeans. Wearing a partially buttoned denim shirt with this only will further underline its casualness.

While the jacket and jeans formula is an obvious choice that works flawlessly, green and blue can also be mixed with cargo pants and a denim shirt.

5 ways to wear you denim this spring - from the streets

The 5 Trends From the Streets

We found five guys that rock these trends in the streets. Phil L. from Malaysia goes double denim and keeps it tight with a pair of skinny jeans. Joamar John shows his take on the 90s-inspired styling. Raphaeäl from The Netherlands pulls off the cholo-shirt style in a rather fashion forward way. Jon boldly matches a pair of trashed jeans with a double breasted blazer. Finally, Ole Henrik from Norway spices up the blue and green in an understated with a dotted T-shirt.

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