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5 Denim New Year’s Resolutions To Try

The New Year’s season is upon us. It’s the time of the year to consider if there’s anything you could do differently. We have these 5 denim-related New Year’s resolutions.

Jeans Intelligence | 22.12.2014

New Year’s is a time to re-evaluate how you could do things differently. Whatever your usual New Year’s resolution may be, why don’t you try something new? Like one of these 5 denim-related New Year’s resolutions that will get you closer to your jeans? Feel free to see if you can keep one or more of them yourself.

Try the double denim look with two dark denims
Try the double denim look with two different denims

Try the Double Denim Look

Some fashion editors may frown upon it, but fact is that the double denim look has been solidly rocked by superstars such as Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood and Bing Crosby. Images that have been so deeply embedded in our minds that they’ve shaped our very perception of what’s cool and what’s not.

But, you should be careful when you choose the denims you put together in your Canadian tuxedo, as the double denim outfit is notoriously known. Make sure that they are either very different or very similar. The latter only works with darker denims. The safe way to pull off the double denim look is to wear black jeans and a blue jacket or shirt.

New raw denim jeans from JACK & JONES
Worn in raw denim jeans from JACK & JONES

Wear Dry Denim Every Day for a Month

Back in the days, all jeans looked the same when sold in the store. The denim was stiff, unwashed and very dark blue; it was up to the wearer to create a “wash.” Today, most jeans are pre-washed or treated in some kind of way when you get them. This gives you a convenient shortcut to the worn in look and saves you a lot of hassle.

But, the unwashed kinds of jeans are still around; they’re known as raw or dry denim jeans. For 2015, we want to wear a pair of these every day for (at least) a full month. You should try the same, even though a month is only the beginning. Wearing in unwashed denim can take years. If you get smitten by the dry denim bug (like we are), don’t stop at one month. Soldier through and set a new goal – like three or even six months.

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JACK & JONES Indigo Knit is perfect as sportswear

Be Active Wearing Indigo Knit

Did you know that before the era of synthetic fibres, jeans were actually considered sportswear. It’s true! For some it still is. Think about all the rodeo riders still parading around in jeans. With today’s fashion where slim and skinny fits dominate, you probably don’t consider a pair of jeans suitable to wear around the gym. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve introduced Indigo Knit.

This new fabric is the unholy first born from the night when denim took sweatwear out on the town. From denim it got the blue shade and the washed down look; from sweatwear it got the soft touch and the flexible and comfortable feel. It’s the perfect activewear – try it!

Try the stylish yet casual look with JACK & JONES
Try the rugged denim look with JACK & JONES

Wear Something You Wouldn’t Normally Wear

Most men are creatures of habit. We like things like they usually are – why change a winning horse? Well, without change and visionaries we’d probably still be living in caves. With fashion it’s more or less the same.

In 2015, we are going to wear something new – something we’ve never worn before. It doesn’t need to be something outrageous, just something different. Maybe a new colour, a new jeans fit or a totally new style. You could start with the unwashed jeans and the double denim look and see where that takes you.

JACK & JONES shop in Zandaam, The Netherlands
Jeans area in JACK & JONES shop

Visit a JACK & JONES store in One of These Cities

Why don’t you make 2015 the year where you visit a JACK & JONES store in a city you’ve never been to? That’s what we’re going to do. All right, maybe we won’t convince you to travel somewhere only to visit one of our stores, but what if it’s somewhere like Barcelona, Copenhagen, Rome, Bremen or what about the home of clogs and windmills?

There are plenty of things to do and see in all of these great cities. Or, you could pick one of the other more than 1000 JACK & JONES stores around the world as your destination here.

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