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3 Ways to Wear Jeans For Formal Occasions

Guys like comfort in their clothes; something many feel a suit can’t provide. This guide gives you 3 ways to stay in your jeans when you dress for formal occasions.

Jeans Intelligence | 19.12.2014

Most guys have probably experienced this situation: you’re invited to a formal dinner or a party and even though the invite didn’t explicitly say so you know it’s expected of you to suit up. The thing is you don’t really want to.

Rules are there to be broken. Unless you’re going to a formal wedding or a funeral, you can easily wear jeans and still look classy. Just pick a pair of black, grey or dark blue jeans without too much wear and you’re home safe.

But how exactly do you dress in a way for no one to notice that you’re actually wearing your favourite jeans? Here are 3 ways how to.

The Easy Way - Wear a Blazer With Your Everyday Outfit

The Easy Way: Wear a Blazer With Your Everyday Outfit

The simplest way to dress up while staying in your jeans is to wear a blazer. It doesn’t need to be a fine dinner jacket or the top half of a tux. In fact, if you’re wearing it with jeans, we recommend you dress it down a little. Something like this grey woollen blazer will match a pair of slim fit black jeans perfectly.

In terms of what you wear with your blazer, the key is to not stray too far from your comfort zone. If you normally wear T-shirts, wear that under your blazer. You should avoid your washed down printed band T-shirts; pick a plain white or black T-shirt or spice things up with something striped.

No matter what you wear with your blazer, you should keep the number of accessories to a minimum. A quality watch and matching belt and shoes is basically all you need.

The Casual Way - Wear a Shirt With Your Blazer

The Casual Way: Wear a Shirt With Your Blazer

Shirts are by definition more formal than T-shirts. If you feel comfortable wearing shirts, mix a white oxford shirt or even a light blue denim shirt with your jacket. Generally, you should avoid fine dress shirts made of poplin – they don’t mix well with denim.

If you’re not comfortable wearing a tie then don’t. Instead, put a casually folded handkerchief in the chest pocket of your blazer. Leave the top button of the shirt unbuttoned, but remember to tuck it in. If it feels natural, you can also wear the handkerchief folded around your neck. But make sure you don’t end up looking like a cowboy.

Go All the Way - Wear a Tie

Go All the Way: Wear a Tie

If you’re ready to go all the way, button up the shirt and wear a tie. This requires a delicate touch as it’s important that the structure of the tie matches the rest of your outfit. Pick a black knitted or a woollen tie – don’t go for something too shiny.

How you tie your tie is important too. We recommend you go for the classic four-in-hand knot. It gives you the best looking knot; it’s a little asymmetrical, which is perfect for the casual look, and it’s also the easiest knot to tie. If you’re not used to tying ties, just Google “four-in-hand knot” to learn how to.

In the end, no matter which way you choose to go, just keep it simple. And, as long as you put a little effort into it, people will notice.

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